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Are you involved in a divorce or any other family law dispute? Do you want to avoid the stress, the cost and the time it takes to go through the traditional process? Do you want a positive outcome without a fight?

I can help.

As your family law attorney, I will guide you down the path of least resistance. I will help you through this.

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Alternative dispute resolution methods, such as mediation and collaborative law, can work in all types of family law disputes, including:

You Have The Right To Feel Comfortable With Your Lawyer

Family law disputes are not just legal matters. They are emotional matters. You have the right to have an attorney that you feel comfortable with.

When people come to me, they find that I am dedicated to providing a calming presence in their lives. When you share the details of your situation with me, you will find that I am ready to listen. I care about the people I represent. I want to be more than just a lawyer.

A Lawyer. A Trusted Adviser. A Friend.

If you are ready to enlist the help of someone who truly cares about you, contact the Law Offices of Catherine Cardozo, LLC in Abington, Pennsylvania.

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