Child Support Attorney in Montgomery County, PA

Raising a child is expensive. From food to educational expenses, one of the biggest disputes involved in a divorce is determining how these costs are going to be covered.

As your family law lawyer, I will help you pursue a fair outcome in terms of child support. I am committed to seeking amicable resolutions and avoiding the expense, the time and the stress of the courtroom. I assist clients in the surrounding areas of Abington, Pennsylvania, including Glenside, Willow Grove, Jenkintown, Wyncote and Rydal.

Is Child Support Just A Formula?

For most people, child support is a simple matter. Each parent's income, as well as other numbers, is entered into a formula, called the child support guideline. When the numbers are crunched, the outcome is the amount of child support.

Of course, not every case is quite so simple. Sometimes, one parent is not making as much money as he or she could be. Sometimes, one parent tries to hide income from the other. Sometimes, there are special issues that need to be considered. I know how to consider them and anticipate foreseeable issues in the child support process.

Modification Of Child Support

After a child support decree is established, you may also have issues that lead you to question your ability to change the amount of child support. Relocation, change of circumstances and job changes, can all affect the child support you are paying or receiving. I also assist with child support modifications, as well as child support enforcement.

Resolving Differences By Working Together

Are you aware that it is possible to get a resolution that works without having to go to court? Are you aware that, even if you go to court, you may not get a positive outcome because you are putting your case in the hands of a judge?

I have spent my career as an attorney helping people get positive outcomes while avoiding courtroom battles. I know how valuable negotiation, mediation and collaborative law techniques can be. Let me show you how these techniques can work for you.

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