How To Plan For Divorce

You need an attorney when you are planning for divorce. A skilled and compassionate divorce attorney will advise you on how to protect yourself during divorce so you do not jeopardize your interests.

You should consider and evaluate critical issues prior to divorce, including marital asset division, debt, inheritances, accounts, retirement accounts, real estate, valuables, antiques and personal property. At the Law Offices of Catherine Cardozo, LLC in Abington, Pennsylvania, I assist with all aspects of divorce planning.

Helping You Form A Pre-Divorce Plan

If you are considering filing for divorce, your emotions are running high. The strain of a life-altering decision can cause immense stress. I want to help you as you consider divorce.

I will help you prepare for divorce by counseling you on the issues related to divorce. In addition to securing necessary paperwork, income statements, personal property titles and mortgage papers, I will guide you through the initial stages of divorce. Contact me, a divorce lawyer, before you file for divorce because I will minimize the consequences that can arise later in the divorce process.

More Than Just A Lawyer

When you hire me, I am more than just a lawyer. As you consider divorce, I will be there for you to help you through the emotionally draining time. I am not only a divorce lawyer, but also a trusted friend and adviser.

I am available to answer all of your divorce questions. I provide personal attention and capable legal representation for all of your divorce issues, including:

As a trained mediator, I can inform you of alternatives to court that can save significant time and expense. Mediation and collaboration can significantly improve relations between you and your spouse after divorce.

A Lawyer. A Trusted Adviser. A Friend.

If you are involved in a family law dispute and would like to resolve your differences cooperatively, contact the Law Offices of Catherine Cardozo, LLC.

I offer flexible office hours by appointment.