Divorce Modification And Enforcement Attorney In Montgomery County, PA

Your divorce is over, but issues still linger. Maybe your former spouse isn't following through with the divorce agreement. Maybe your situation has changed and you need to change the agreement. What do you do?

You turn to an experienced family law attorney. I will work with you to resolve any issue that has come up since the completion of your divorce. You can be confident that I can get you through this.

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Modification Of Support Orders

Modification of support orders requires a significant change in circumstances. These changes may include job loss, relocation, remarriage, birth of another child and much more.

As your lawyer, I can help you seek modification of child custody, visitation or child support arrangements.

Enforcement Of Orders

Has your former spouse refused to follow the visitation arrangements established during your divorce? Have you been accused of not paying child support?

These are serious matters. I can help you see that your former spouse is held accountable for his or her failure to comply with the divorce orders. If you have been accused of not living up to your end of the agreement, I can stand by your side to protect you against the serious repercussions you may face.

Contempt Of Court In The Abington Area

I am available to handle cases involving violation of a court order.

I can file the petition, take the matter in front of the judge, and request that sanctions be applied, if necessary. If you have been accused of contempt, I can stand by your side to help ensure that your rights are protected.

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