Relocating Out Of Pennsylvania After A Divorce

If you share custody of your child with a former spouse, moving is not a simple matter. You must either obtain permission from your former spouse or get a court order from a judge.

As your attorney, I can work with you to help you see that your relocation request is handled properly and that the appropriate child custody modifications are made.

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Is The Move In The Best Interests Of The Child?

When an issue involving relocation goes to court, the judge has a difficult decision to make. The courts put a lot of value on having both parents involved in the process of raising a child. For that reason, there has to be a compelling reason for the relocation.

Will the relocation greatly increase the quality of your child's life, either educationally, emotionally or financially? These are key issues to consider as we move forward with your case.

Avoiding A Fight During Relocation With Children

Typically, issues involving relocation can become embattled. As a lawyer, I have built my career around the goal of resolving disputes amicably.

You can be confident that I will work with you to get a positive resolution without having to go through a courtroom battle; if that is required, I will fight to protect your rights and interests.

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