Spousal Support & Alimony In Pennsylvania

In most marriages, a couple works together to cover all costs. Frequently, one spouse may make more money than the other. Rarely are financial issues completely in balance. Spousal support and alimony are means of achieving financial balance for couples going through divorce.

If you are going through a divorce in Montgomery County, PA, contact my office to learn more about spousal support. Whether you are seeking support or being asked to pay it, I can help.

Spousal Support Attorney Based In Abington

As your family law attorney, I will work with you to determine a fair amount of spousal support and alimony. I will help you get a positive outcome without having to take the battle to court.

What Is Spousal Support? What Is Alimony?

Spousal support is the temporary maintenance that one spouse provides to the other during the divorce process.

Alimony is the support that one spouse provides to the other after the divorce process is completed.

Spousal support and alimony are not necessarily connected, although they essentially serve the same purpose. They are both based on factors such as relative earnings, earning capacities and length of marriage.

Fair Outcome Without A Fight

There is a traditional path to getting a divorce, establishing spousal support and alimony. That path typically involves going to court. It is an expensive path. It is a time-consuming path. It is a stressful path.

I believe that it is a lawyer's duty to suggest the path of least resistance. When you turn to me, I can help you determine if negotiation, mediation or collaborative law techniques could lead to a positive outcome in your case.

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