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"Winning" at Divorce and Custody?

No, I'm not quoting Charlie Sheen. Family, friends and those not involved in the family law field regularly ask me,  what's your win/lose ratio? Do you win more than you lose? The long answer is, family law is so not black and white to be able to tell who wins and loses. It is many, many (more than fifty!) shades of grey.

Separation and Divorce

Most people think of separation as the time period leading up to the final divorce. It can be that, and usually is, but a trial separation period can be used in other situations and for different purposes.

"Quickie" Divorce

Sometimes clients want to know if they can have a "quickie" divorce; a recent example is Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, who settled all of their issues within weeks.  In certain cases things can be finalized relatively quickly, within a few months, if they meet certain criteria. What kind of criteria, you ask? Things such as this:

Custody and Relocation

Relocation cases can be among the most difficult and heart-wrenching for clients, attorneys and judges. In Pennsylvania, the Custody statute has recently changed and the relocation rules and procedures are much more stringent. There are forms, affidavits and notices which must be filed and responded to within designated time periods and if they are not, many times the litigant is out of luck.

Facebook Mistakes for Divorce, Custody & Support Litigants

Many people love to communicate largely via social media, using Facebook or Twitter. These sites are a fun way to let family and friends know what is going on in your life using words and pictures. If you don't know how to use the privacy settings I strongly suggest you get to know them. You may think you are limiting postings to friends only but who knows if that friend has the same privacy settings, and their friends may have access to your information. Many a case has gone south due to Facebook postings. For instance (the following are all hypothetical cases):

Helping a School Age Child Through Divorce

Many divorcing parents fight over which school their child(ren) is going to attend. That can be a major legal hurdle. However, after the school is decided, you as a divorcing, divorced or never-married co-parent can do several things to ensure a somewhat smoother journey for your children throughout the school year.

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