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Facebook Mistakes for Divorce, Custody & Support Litigants

Many people love to communicate largely via social media, using Facebook or Twitter. These sites are a fun way to let family and friends know what is going on in your life using words and pictures. If you don't know how to use the privacy settings I strongly suggest you get to know them. You may think you are limiting postings to friends only but who knows if that friend has the same privacy settings, and their friends may have access to your information. Many a case has gone south due to Facebook postings. For instance (the following are all hypothetical cases):

- a custody case in which Mother claims that Father is never home to spend time with the children and she would be the preferable custodial parent, yet she posts pictures of her last drunken weekend outing with her girlfriends in which they trashed her ex. Ouch.

- a divorce case in which Father claims that he is living in a shotgun shack because he has given everything to Mother and the children, yet he posts pictures of the great deal he received on his brand new Escalade or the two week vacation in Tahiti with the new girlfriend. Double ouch.

- a support case which includes allegations by one party who states that he or she makes X dollars per month at his or her job and cannot make more due to disability, yet has a CraigsList posting and information on Facebook about a side business cleaning homes. Oy!

What I am saying here is please use Facebook responsibly. The same advice I give my children and close friends is the advice I would give to everyone. Would you post what you are saying on a billboard on I-95? If not, please think twice before posting.

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