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Clients and potential clients come to me at what may be the worst time of their lives - they may be losing a spouse, custody of children, a home or monetary support. A spouse who was open and honest becomes tight-lipped. Children who were happy, healthy, good students become ill-mannered and their grades slide downward. A formerly upper middle class lifestyle goes south. Fear and frustration run amok. Is it any wonder people in these situations feel as if they are going crazy?

Unfortunately, co-workers, friends and family sometimes are not the best support, although they may mean well (we won't talk about those who don't mean well!). In family law matters, many people only know what they see on television, read on the Internet, or hear from their friends. What they think they know, or what so-and-so's attorney did for their friend's case, is likely not helpful to your case and could even be harmful. Each individual case stands on its own facts. Yes the same law ideally pertains to everyone in the same state, but our friends and relatives may not understand the intricacies of our case. The devil is always in the details.

Bottom line, it's important to follow your attorney's advice. He or she has been doing this type of work for years, and knows the practices, procedures and players involved. Don't second guess your attorney's advice and instructions with anyone else except your attorney! He or she will not mind explaining why it is you have to do what you have to do.

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