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June 2013 Archives

Is Mediation Right for Me?

Picture this scenario. Either you, or your spouse, has begun the divorce process. You two are on fairly good speaking terms and agree that divorce is inevitable and that you want to finalize things in the least expensive and least emotionally damaging way possible. Do you trust him or her enough to believe there are no hidden bank accounts? Are you comfortable negotiating on your own behalf? Do you have an attorney who can advise you on your rights?

The Untimely Death of Parenting Coordination in Pennsylvania

Recently the Pennsylvania Supreme Court decreed that parenting coordination (PC) would be no more in this state, throwing parenting coordinators, lawyers and parents into a tailspin. What will happen to the current cases? Will the previous PC orders be thrown out? What other options will conflict-ridden divorcing parents have?  I don't have answers to these questions and currently we do not have further direction from the Court.

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