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Is Hiring a Hitman Easier Than Divorce?

The recent story about the young New Jersey housewife who hired a hitman to kill her husband really caught my attention. The twenty-one year old mother of two had recently moved to Michigan for her husband's new job. She offered the "hitman" (an undercover officer) the amount of $50,000 from her husband's life insurance policy. She asked this gentleman to kill her husband with as little pain as possible. Nice, isn't she???

The divorce process may not be the simplest thing but it cannot be compared to solicitation of murder. It is the very rare divorce that gets all the way to trial in front of a judge; 95% of cases are settled before reaching that point. Your attorney should be keeping you informed of everything that is happening and preparing you for what may possibly happen.

There's also the mediation option. Couples who mediate their divorce have much more control over what gets decided and when, and it can be a lot less expensive than a long court battle. Wouldn't you rather be the one in control of what issue gets decided and when? Wouldn't you rather make the decisions for your family rather than a judge who doesn't know anything about you? In mediation, it is you, your spouse and the mediator.

Collaborative law is a (somewhat) new entrant onto the alternative dispute resolution scene. Both husband and wife have their own separate attorneys but all discussion and decision making is done at 4 way meetings; everyone agrees to remain out of court. Collaborative law is a good option when you don't feel comfortable negotiating on your own (as you would in mediation) but would prefer to stay out of court.

Moral of this story: instead of believing everything you read or hear on television or movies or from family and friends, discuss your concerns with an attorney who practices family law exclusively.

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