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There's No Privacy, Unfortunately

I recently read an Internet blurb that big Internet companies (including Google and Microsoft) are urging the government to scale back on its Internet spying of citizens. Many are concerned about the NSA overreaching and its effect on privacy. One judge ruled that it was overreaching; another ruled that spying was warranted, given the threat of terrorism. I'm not sure how it's going to eventually play out.

News flash, peeps: There is no privacy on the Internet. There's no privacy on your SmartPhone. There's no privacy on your work computer. There's even less privacy on your home computer that you share with your spouse. All of this fabulous technology comes with a price. So what are the ramifications?

First things first: If you share your computer with your spouse, he or she may have downloaded a special tracking program that saves passwords or history of browsing. Changing your password isn't enough. Stop using that computer.

Next: if you are the one who has been spying on your spouse, stop doing it. You may have gotten some juicy info while you were doing so but there are differing opinions on whether that info can be used in court. Your attorney (and consequently, you) can be sanctioned for use of that information. Even worse, it may be considered a crime. Just don't do it.

Finally: If you have a Facebook page, PLEASE do not post anything that can and will be used against you. Remember my words of warning, that Facebook is like a billboard on I-95. Not only is your information out there for all your friends to see (and they may not really be your "friends"), you don't know what those individuals might do with any pictures or statements that you post. Sometimes I even suggest to my clients that they take down their Facebook page while litigation is ongoing. Too many people are undone in their support, custody and divorce cases by what they post, innocently or not. Clever attorneys will find a way to spin things, good or bad.

Make sure to check with your family law attorney for more information on social media and your support, custody or divorce matter.

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