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The Northeast area of the country where I reside has been hit by a steady stream of non-stop snow storms, ice and generally horrible weather.  As soon as we dig out from one we are hit with another.  It's enough to make anyone scream.

Going through a divorce or custody battle can be very much like dealing with a constant onslaught of storms.  There's the financial storm whereby the amount of  money that used to support one household must now support two households.  There's the emotional storm of dealing with your new role as a single person or a single parent.  And the legal storm of petitions, court hearings, discovery and other parade of horribles that are completely foreign to you. 

Although the whole process may be a big unknown, if you have a great attorney he or she will educate you on what's happening, what's going to happen, what has happened in the past in similar instances, and most importantly that nothing is ever guaranteed in this crazy world.  Why would it make sense to go to court to fight over a $100 monthly increase in support that may cost you $2000 in legal fees?  Why would you think that your custody case is the exception when many others before you have resulted in shared 50/50 custody?  It may be that these scenarios could result in a favorable outcome for you, but you take a big risk and you should know that going in.  So many times I have told clients what would happen and that indeed does happen.  Please strongly consider compromising. 

You and your attorney are a partnership that must weather the storms together.  Remember to inform your attorney of everything related to your divorce and to be truthful.  Your attorney is most helpful when he or she knows the whole story.

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