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I have the Dunkin Donuts app on my iPhone and it showed that I had a "buy one iced coffee, get one free" coupon.  Very excited about this because I'm an iced coffee addict.  I eagerly used my coupon and was psyched to get a free iced coffee.  It's a smart marketing move on their part.  However, I'm not so naive that I don't realize it's like playing the slot machines and getting a miniscule coin payout every so often.  They give you the reward just enough so you keep coming back.  It sounds awesome at the time but really it's not any sacrifice on their part, considering how many iced coffees I've purchased.

 This reminds me of negotiating property division during the divorce process.  The one spouse offers the other the marital residence, so long as that spouse does not touch their retirement plan.  It sounds nice, a fair deal and each spouse giving something up.  Like the iced coffee marketing ploy, it sounds better than it really is.  Far too many clients are hung up on keeping the marital residence when it is not to their benefit.  They are so eager to do this that they do not realize the house may involve more expense than they can handle.  Taxes, mortgage, insurance, repairs, maintenance, capital gains on the sale....these things add up.  A house is wonderful, sentimental, a place of stability in your child's life, and many other happy things.  Sadly, it does not have an income.  It doesn't buy groceries or pay bills.  If you're not working and alimony payments are ending (if you are fortunate enough to receive alimony), you are in a tough spot. 

 As difficult as it sounds, there are times when it may be to your benefit to sell the house.  Or,  allow the higher earning spouse to buy out your interest in the house.  Property division is usually not as simple as one person taking the house and the other taking the retirement plan; there's a lot more involved.  Please discuss your situation with an experienced family law attorney before you make a potentially disastrous mistake.

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