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Sometimes You Have To Give Up (The Fight)

Those of us who live in Eastern Pennsylvania can breathe easier now.  Eric Frein,  the survivalist sniper who allegedly murdered a state trooper, had been living in the woods for nearly two months and has been captured.  He had been living off the land, eating, hiding, and making occasional appearances in public.  As details emerged, it became apparent that on October 30 he was surprised by the U.S. Marshals who surrounded him so he gave himself up.  He gave up his fight.

Unlike Eric Frein who knew his time was up, sometimes it's very difficult for people to know when to give up their divorce or custody fight.  Do I keep going?  Will I get more money in the end?  Is my spouse hiding accounts somewhere?  Will my children be ok if we do 50/50 custody?  Will my children think I don't love them if I don't keep fighting to have them?  Will I have enough money to live? It's very difficult to know when to get off the hamster wheel of litigation.  If I just get past this part, I know it will be better.....and then you get past that part, and it's no better, just more money and agita.

The key is to listen to what your attorney is telling you.  He or she should have years of experience in family law, divorce and custody, and should be thoroughly familiar with the local procedures, judges, and masters.  Your lawyer can tell you, your case has certain features which make it more or less likely to fit a possible framework/outcome.  Once you know that potential outcome, you may realize you are fighting over a very small sum of money.  Or a very small amount of time with your children.  Is it really worth it to keep going?  Make sure to discuss your concerns with an experienced family law attorney in your area. 

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