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Charles Manson Is Getting Married?

Wait.......what?  Charles Manson is getting married?  How is this possible?  He's a psychotic madman, violent, terribly unattractive and most importantly, a prisoner for decades.  Why on earth would anyone want to marry someone like that?

Here's the thing.  None of us really know what attracts one person to another.  It's a complex mix of chemistry, history and habit.  It's also extremely subjective; beauty is defined by the one defining it.  Tall, short, thin, muscular, brown hair, facial hair, et cetera....each of us are attracted to different physical or other characteristics.  Personality preferences range from quiet and introspective to loud and extroverted.  And let's not forget that your childhood experiences can play a large part.  What works for you will definitely not work for your best friend.

Just as we can each be attracted to someone for different reasons, we can also want to end a relationship or marriage for different reasons.  It could be something such as abuse, infidelity or addiction. Or it could be that you are no longer getting along with your spouse and it's more like you're roommates rather than spouses.  Again, what is intolerable to you may be acceptable to another.

There is always a chance that your relationship can be repaired.  I ask all of my clients if there is a possibility for reconciliation.  Some of them have reconciled and are living happily ever after.  This is a good thing!

Many of my clients are not sure if they can repair their relationship or if they want to.  I recommend that they consider a divorce coach.  A coach can help you figure out what it is you really want, what to do next and how to do it in the healthiest way.  Because I believe so strongly in the value of coaching, I use The Divorce Companion.  The Divorce Companion is a workbook which helps you figure out if you want to divorce, how to tell your children, how to choose an attorney, how to gather the right documents to prepare for negotiations or trial, and many others.  The author of the workbook, Adina Laver, is a divorce coach who has personally experienced divorce.  When my clients use The Divorce Companion, they are better able to make decisions and are empowered.  Contact me if you would like to learn more about this exciting new service.

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