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The benefits of mediating a divorce

Divorce is an intense, emotional time for everyone involved. As you and your ex-spouse work to separate your assets and minimize the damage, your children may be lost in the shuffle. Taking a divorce to court can be a tough experience, and mediation may be easier if you and your ex are on amicable terms.

According to the American Psychological Association, between 40 and 50 percent of married couples will end up dealing with a divorce. As couples remarry after their first divorce, the rates are even higher. As couples divorce and try to determine who gets what and what happens to the children, many opt for mediation over going to court. Mediation can greatly simplify the process and ensure you get the outcome you want.


With mediation, you have control over the outcome and the cost of your divorce. Mediators are dedicated to calming angry emotions and focusing on the important tasks to settle the divorce fairly. Once an individual feels he or she has a choice in the matter, it's easier to make rational decisions.


Statistics show that mediation is successful in 80-85 percent of couples who use it over a divorce settlement. Individuals are also more likely to abide by a mediated settlement than one that was determined by the courts because their own feelings are reflected in the final decisions.


Splitting one household into two is not a cheap process and can be difficult on both spouses. As you work to find the means financially to survive on your own, the last thing you need is a costly divorce settlement soaking up everything you have left. Custody battles and contested divorces can last for years and quickly drain your account. For the most part, mediation services are on a pay as you go plan, meaning you pay only for the time you need.


No matter what happens between you and your spouse, your children are innocent in the process. With a divorce settlement, the children often get dragged through the mud with you. Mediation helps to protect your children and stop them from being used as pawns if they are caught in the middle of angry parents. Children are spared fear, anxiety and stress with the use of mediation.

Many who come into the divorce angry and bitter calm down with a mediator because they realize they have some say in the outcome. A mediator's job is to calm the emotions and settle the divorce quickly in a way that both parties are happy with. If you are walking the path of divorce, consider the benefits mediation may be able to offer you. 

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