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3 of the weirdest divorce settlements ever

Divorce is generally messy, but certain separations end up being absurd. From rights to silly celebrity nicknames to alimony for ice cream, there have been some strange fights and settlements throughout the years.

Forget your usual temporary alimony or deciding who gets the house – below are some of the weirdest divorce settlements in the history books that will surprise you! 

1. Not your ordinary breakup record

Marvin Gaye was a talented and famous singer, so you would not think he would have much trouble handling a divorce. However, he was not the best at saving money. He spent his money lavishly and could not afford the expenses of divorcing from Anna Gordy. According to Oddee, his lawyer worked out a deal: Gaye was to record a new album and give all royalties to his ex. Unfortunately for Gordy, the album entitled "Here, My Dear" was not a commercial success. 

2. A big hassle

Every divorce is a hassle, but few prohibit an ex-spouse from using trademarked phrases. David Hasselhoff made it clear in the settlement papers that he would keep all rights to his famous nicknames and catchphrases, such as "Malibu Dave," "Hoff" and "Don't Hassle the Hoff." I suppose you should not hassle his attorney either! 

3. The sweetest settlement

Judges usually order alimony or spousal support to help the receiving spouse maintain financial stability. In one case, the court ordered an Indian stockbroker to pay alimony so his ex-wife could continue spending money on ice cream. Now that is a sweet deal! 

There you have it – three of the most bizarre divorces in the world. It is helpful to take a moment and find the humor in an event that can otherwise be so frustrating. If you are heading for divorce too, hopefully you find some solace in the fact that your settlement will likely not be so weird! 


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