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Is divorce mediation right for you?

Getting a divorce makes you ask a lot of questions. One question at the forefront of your mind may be how to handle the end of your marriage. You may wonder whether mediation is better for you than litigation. 

You may be hesitant or even have some confusion about this process. Here are some questions to ask yourself that will help you determine whether to pursue mediation

Do you and your spouse agree to divorce?

Whether the split is mutual is a major indicator about whether divorce proceedings will be contentious or full of compromise. If only one of you wants to end the marriage, it may be more difficult to negotiate with one another with the help of a mediator. If you are both on the same page, it may be the right process.

Are both of you transparent about finances?

The divorce process requires full and complete disclosure of all your assets. Unfortunately, not everyone is forthcoming about their money and property. Mediation only works if both of you are honest. If one spouse is hiding assets, the other may need to rely on legal avenues to investigate.

Do you agree on custody terms?

Determining custody and visitation may be the most difficult aspect of your divorce. But if both of you are willing to set aside your own personal interests for the sake of your children, mediation may be a good strategy. While you may not completely agree on every detail, if you both want to co-parent, it is a good sign. If either of you is more stringent on custody ideas, mediation may not work out so well. 

Does someone tend to "run the show"?

Some marriages are between two relatively equal people. But sometimes, one spouse may be far more intimidating, powerful and confident than the other. If there is a significant imbalance, it may be difficult for the other spouse to be heard during mediation.  

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