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Collaborative Law Attorney In Montgomery County

When you are dealing with difficult family law issues, put yourself in the driver’s seat. Collaborative law allows you to decide the fate of your family.

When handling a family law issue through collaborative law, discussions occur between meetings of the four parties — two clients and two attorneys. Working together with the other party, you and your attorney must sign an agreement stating that you will not go to court. An agreement not to litigate eliminates the stress and expense that a court fight carries. You and the other party amicably resolve any disputed issues rather than allowing a judge to step in and make the decision for you.

At the Law Offices of Catherine Cardozo, LLC, I advise and represent clients throughout Montgomery County. I will help you understand your options regarding a collaborative divorce.


When you decide to resolve your family law issue collaboratively, you will experience the many benefits, including:

  • Less stress and tension
  • Reduced expense
  • Attorney present
  • Win-win situation

I understand the alternatives to the traditional court process. I am a Montgomery County Certified Mediator and a member of the Pennsylvania Council on Mediation. I have received special training in techniques to facilitate cooperative solutions in divorce and family law disputes. Additionally, I work with a team of independent attorneys in leading the conversation about amicable divorce at the Center For Peaceful Resolution.

I can find solutions that will work for you by using Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) processes, such as mediation or collaborative law.


Collaborative law allows you to help you family. When you are sitting across from your spouse or another party, calmly discussing issues, the dynamics are drastically different. Working together allows you to guard your interests while protecting your family from the harsh consequences of a courtroom battle.

As your collaborative law attorney, I will work to find a solution that is a win-win situation. I will guide you through every meeting with the other party and their attorney. Together, we will creatively address the family law problems you face.


To discuss resolving your family law dispute through collaborative law, contact the Law Offices of Catherine Cardozo, LLC, in Abington. Call 610-298-1081 or reach out to me online through this website.

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