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Resolve Your Family’s Private Matters Outside The Courtroom

Emotional struggle is the hallmark of most divorce disputes. It is hard enough dealing with the chaos of all the changes your family is going through without having to make an appearance at the family court. When one or both parties contact an attorney trained in handling disputes outside the courtroom, your family is well on the way to quicker, private and more personalized solution to your disputes.

As a Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, certified mediator and a member of the Pennsylvania Council on Mediation, I can help you understand how collaboration may be your best legal option for proceeding with your divorce. In addition to less stress and reduced expenses, the benefits of collaborative law include:

  • Sensible problem-solving — Each party is represented by their attorney in a safe environment where their viewpoints will be respected and incorporated into the process amicably.
  • Resolution sourcing — Collaboration moves away from conflict toward developing win-win agreements that become the foundation for structuring a divorcing family’s long-term relationships.
  • Fostering effective communication — Collaboration is built on respectfully acknowledging differing viewpoints in advocating for the entire family
  • Binding legal agreements — The result of the collaborative process will create a binding legal agreement without the high cost of court intervention

I have received special training to facilitate successful solutions for family law and divorce conflicts. I can help you create lasting solutions through the collaborative law process. Call my firm, Law Offices of Catherine Cardozo, LLC, at 610-298-1081 today.

Keep The Individualized Decisions About Your Divorce In Your Hands

Pennsylvania recently enacted the Pennsylvania Collaborative Law Act, which sets a standard for the divorce collaboration statewide. The law allows for parties to address their family’s unique situation and financial needs such as college tuition agreements, for example. The collaborative law process can be used for resolving the full range of your family disputes, including:

  • Marital property division
  • Alimony
  • Child support
  • Child custody disagreements
  • Estate administration conflicts
  • Business relations

To begin the process, all parties are required to commit to resolving their disputes and related matters outside of court. After the signed agreement is completed, the collaborative process continues with discussions between you and your spouse guided by your attorneys trained in collaborative law. You may also bring in neutral third-party professionals when necessary. Some parties choose to include financial specialists such as tax accountants or financial planners. Others choose to bring in mental health professionals or parenting coaches, for instance.

A Lawyer. A Trusted Adviser. A Friend.

Work with an experienced collaborative law attorney today. At Law Offices of Catherine Cardozo, LLC, I provide a relaxed, friendly environment. I use mediation, collaboration and my experience as a social worker to help divorcing couples. Create your legal agreements for successfully resolving your divorce disputes. Email me or call 610-298-1081 to schedule your appointment to learn more. I offer flexible hours.